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iS iT?

I remember reading somewhere...

"Men Give Love To Get Sex, Women Give Sex To Get Love."

Is it?


  1. Lines by Shobha De i guess....... though i hate to say this but seems true.
    but wonder wat prompted you to rite this now.

  2. hmmm...interesting, have to think real hard to say if its true or not...

  3. depends on individual experiences...

  4. awesome line dude...

    it made me think.....

  5. @ Aqui : What prompted me... umm.. nothing actually... the thought just came to my mind.. and coz i was online... i thought i will just type it down.... and then thought.. that can you really talk some girl to bed just by telling her that you are in love with her... eh !!! does not really sound right !!! and some girl who is in love with some guy would let him touch her.. and by physical... so that he also falls in love with her... dunno !!!

    @ bharti : So think buddy... temme if you think that happens or not... and am not talking about exceptions here.. the general that happens... so think...

    @ Burf : So what is your individual exp dude?

    @ B : Yeah.. line is good i must say.. how close is it to reality is something that i am wonderin'

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  7. I was talking to Bharti about this yesterday... what came up in our discussion was that fact that.. both of these things actually are not available in abundance here... which makes members of both the sexes run after the things they pick up from one of the two and hence the statement is kinda valid in our indian context....

    Our Sanskriti and Parampara ( me and Gaurav refer to it as the SnP Factor ) plays a very important role here... Loving someone and being with that person is usually not appreciated by our elders... and if you are sleeping with someone.. uhum.. thats not even allowed... unless you get married... but does that happen.. yes... so that rules that are made by an society are broken... day in and day out... even though not openly...

    ok... coming back to the original post... Men give love to get physical.. i think women need a lot of emotional support in a relationship.. and unless they feel the commitment from the guy they are seeing... usually they would not let him get close.... and men kinda understand this too... and that is why the first part of the post...
    abt what women do... well... they understand that men usually would like to be physical and the probably would would also get some commitment out of them.. and hence the second part of the post..

    i am not sure how much of it is really true... but it definitely does not look like a false statement !!!

    one thing that we might miss out on while we are thinking on this post is that... Are men not in need of love or emotional support... or do women do not have sex drives? well the answers for the questions are as i feel.. "yes men do need a lot of emotional support.. at times more then women do..." and "yes... women also need physical relationships as a part of their lives..."
    am not really ina mood to write more about the Y's and Howz related right now... maybe sometime later !!!

  8. Very debateable topic.........u know wat a few years back if a guy wanted to go in bed with a gal he wud say that he loves her and then slowly and steadily take her to bed....... now if he wants to go bed with her he will say it openly that i wanna do it though i dont love you and if the gal is even slightly attracted towards the guy she will not ignore his advances and mite get freindly with the guy hoping that he will fall in love and during this course of time they mite or mite not be physical.
    A guys may have emotional needs as well but then i guess his physical needs are stronger and he has no qualms of hiding it, as its acceptable with the society, where as even a gal has physical needs but its not acceptable with the society, moreover her emotional needs are stronger than a guy A)cause she has been brought up in such a fashion as in protected by a male figure be it father, brother, boyfreind, husband etc. and b) variety is not the spice of her life (Though exceptions may be there)she is kind of happy with being settled with one person and getting emotional and physical support from him.

    hey by the way no offence directed to anyone this is my personal views mite or mite not be true for both the genders cause its affected by individual bias and prejudice.

  9. some say tis debatable ..some say tis true..

    but i say tis FAlse.. completely false !

    u can neva make sucha sweepin statement.. shobha de writes well but i hate her style of ctegrisin things as so men or so women.. tis not the world operates..

    most men i know are people who are loving and care equally for their partner.. most women i knoe are equally sex driven as we men are .

    pata nahin ek to .. some people jus have to categorise things in black and white.. for god knows what reason ..

    kya farak padhta hai bolo to .. i wont stop to be as lovini, carin, sweet, affable, affectionate as i m .. and she wudnt stop to be as desperate as she can get in bed even if this were to be prove right.

    or otherwise !