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AMD FiNaLLy !!!

:) why this smile...welll this is my first post from my home machine.. yippieeeeeeeeeeeeeee
i bought a new computer... something that i have been thinking of for over an year now... and my favorite brand (don't ask me why) AMD is in my house...

i have a AMD 2400 XP machine with a 80 GB HDD and 512 MB of ram with a 333 mhz FSB... this babe is working like a rocket right now... compare it to the last one that i had... hehehe... 530 mhz celeron processor with a 64mb ram chip... now thats what you call a jump... world record of sorts... is it?

I am happy :)


  1. Badhai ho...badhai ho

    Thanx for the mail


  2. @ Bhaskar Thanks man... np for the email.. kuch seekho to share karna mat bhoolna :)

  3. congrats bro......this comp will help a lot in photo processing also.....how much it cost u ? i hope u got a good graphics card tooo

  4. @ Deeps : Entire deal for a close above 10K.
    Nope no extra graphics or sound cards... dheere dheere will get things... photo processsing.. yes.. that was i am looking for... just waiting to get the copy of Photoshop CS to start working...

  5. I'm sure u are going to use windows now on that. Thats a shame, be part of open community and use Linux.
    And use GIMP - inseted of Photoshop, no licencing issues , no piracy :)


  6. how come all the things u get belong from the opposite sex...... like your car is a female whome u named radha, now your comp is a female. dont get offended but i m just curious to know how do u decide/decipher this.

  7. @ Vishal : Hi vishal... this machine would primarily be used by my parents... and they would be more comfy on windows... can't help it but that is a fact... about linux... i have plans for having my old hdd loaded with linux... but i need help.. i have no clue on how to go about it...

    about Gimp.. i might try to use it.. though i have worked on photoshop before and i really like that software for what it can do to an image...

    @ Aqui : My obsession for the opposite sex causes this to happen...hehehe.. just kiddin... i dunno... waise i think cars are usually females.. like buses and trains are... ( and i am refering to the way our mother language HINDI refers to them) after your post.. i think i should have refered to the comp as a male... lemme recall some of the reasons why it can be a female though...
    1) it can crash ( read get upset) without a reason anytime :)
    2) u cannot do anything about it unless you have a prior exp of handling it...
    i cannot think of anything else now... hehehe

    and please.. do not pull me into a males vs females discussion now :) i am in no mood for that :)

  8. hmmmm new machine et al huh ! cool . waise the way u are passionate abt ur machines.. be them ur car , computer makes me sometime wonder if u are as passionate for human beings too ..

    and then i get a resoundin yes as an answer {:)}
    hugz !

  9. @ tigeross : Yes... i do feel very deeply about a few human beings too... and when i say few.. i mean few :)

  10. i hope i make it into the elite list.

    waise sometimez i feel i m right there at the top.. sometimes i feel naah ..pawan, u dont even make the cut ! [:(]

  11. hardware never crashes without a reason, softwares, hmmm...Windows does not Linux :D

    and Fedora is as comfortable as Windows if not more to work on, so i dont guess your parents should have an issue if they are the first-timers.

    installation is as breezy as in case of Windows, sometimes it just need open eyes and head :D

    some good resource for your reading:-

    i've some more resource on installing fedora on my hdd, tell me if you need it