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Grey's Anatomy S1E2

"Boundaries don't keep others out... they cave you in!"

Grey's Anatomy, Season 1, Episode 2

This is my second series related to doctors after Scrubs, which I absolutely adore! So far I am liking this one too... let's see how the rest of it goes!

Two other series that I totally love are
  • Lie to Me (Have seen the season 1 and 2 already... 3 is on air these days and should be available on DVD soon)
  • Hustle (Not seen a series as good as this one about long cons)


  1. Wish you and your family A Very Happy New Year!

    Now to the post. Am addicted to Lie to Me for now.
    Am not just watching the current and earlier seasons but also implementing the knowledge on people :P
    the best were the Bigboss inmates, where we get to know the result of analysis maximum in two days!
    It works brilliantly!
    Dr. Lightman!!!! gotta crush on the guy :)

  2. Dr. Cal Lightman is really an amazing character! Have learnt a lot from the two seasons I have watched! :) and also realized that there are enough exceptions which might make you bend the learning that you get :) the TV way!

  3. Hey.. love the Grey Anatomy series... everyone has a story of their own including the patients. its really good. And Dr. Lightman is so cool! i hope they start airing the next season soon. Do you watch "How I met Your Mother"?

  4. I am liking it so far too.. but these angrez people speak so fast at times, that I miss the technicalities of their words!

    I think Lie 2 Me season 3 is on air in the US, and is available on http://www.fox.com/lietome/full-episodes/

    In India we are still watching season 1 on Star World, I guess!