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This year has been an year of deaths!!!

and no DEATH is not always bad... at times it is, however for a relatively short duration of time as compared to time itself!

I knew some who died this year, I did not know a lot who did! but irrespective of this, I grew closer to death, my own, of people who are close to me and mean a lot to me, and the concept of death as a whole!

DEATH always leaves a VOID... it was surprising how I felt when some friends lost their near and dear ones this year! I did not know this people except that I knew they were there!

People leave, and they do that for good! leaving behind an emptyness.. something that you feel when you are shifting your house after years of staying there... You do not see the walls, you see what was there on those walls... you don't see a corner, you probably see your favorite program which was on the TV last night...you don't see a door, you think of the last time you opened that door and walked into the warmth of your home... you don't see a kitchen, you see the dishes that were there which your mom cooked last week!!!

The year is also coming to an end! Its dying! we cannot save it either, and that's a fact... time does not stop, and there is no point trying either! My options being, either to welcome the new life in whatever form that its coming, or to cry about what has been lost!

While I am still not able to come to terms with the concept of death and its brutal existance.. ok... not brutal, but existance!! I am looking forward to 1.1.11


  1. As you mentioned here, even I heard lots of bad news from everywhere - this year. Including my own life where there were more ending than beginnings.

    Had or maybe still dont have any hopes from 2011, but just the title of post *1.1.11* invoked positive vibes.

    My God bless you and everyone in the world with everything positive this year!
    May the darkest subjects get entrapped in the year gone-by and a Fantastic Sunshine on the anvil !!

  2. Pretty 'grave' reflections! Wishing the new year brings in a lot of lively moments for u..Happy new year! :)

  3. Happy New year Folks! May this new year bring loads of happiness to you and your loved ones!

  4. There is a difference in something that comes to an end and death... sorry to say but that was such a pessimistic way of putting it!

    having lost someone very close, when you just feel nothing is left after this.. life comes around and tells, there is so much more! and it is true, it goes on and once again you are happy...

    Have a great 2011... a happy one!

  5. @ Pallavi,
    I did not write this post in a very positive state of mind, though I am very sure I was not pessimistic while writing this... As a person I take extra care about how important optimism is for me!

    And you are very right! Death and something coming to an end are two different things, but then I might not want to generalize it...

  6. This 2011 is really depressing for me:(..but still as it is the beginning! I cant be all sad..i am trying to be happy...:)

    and pray that everyone should get happiness too:)