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Who do you call?

You are in a meeting!!! The phone is silent!!!

When you finish the meeting, there are three missed calls on your phone..

1. Your Boss
2. Your Wife
3. Your Best Friend

Who do you call first?

And why? :)


  1. Hmmm i thnk .... my boss. Kyunki meeting ke baad tensio hogi ..n in tht frame of mind i will want to talk to a person who needs least of my emotions:) baki logo se toh dil se baat karni hogi na. :))))

  2. for a newly wed its definitely the bibi otherwise it has to the best friend .. priorities ;)

  3. 1. Wife - As this would be a short call.
    2. Boss - U might get stuck on this one, so call after the wife..
    3. Best friends - Friends always understand u. U can have a gr8 talk only when all is past u..A good way to close the things and day...

  4. On second thoughts, call up nobody, u have already suffered enough in the meeting, and now CALLS!!!!

    Go out for a tea break at the dhaba close to office. And then wen u r relaxed again, call ppl in the order mentioned earlier.

  5. Must be the wife first, just to know if she's ok :) You can always tell her I'll call you back.
    Between the boss and the friend - either doesn't matter :)

  6. @ Varun
    do try! be honest! :)

    @ Tunna
    I would have called my boss too! I did that actually :)

    Would have called my best friend the last :)

    @ Prashant

    @ Ankur
    The responses differ on our stages with life :) isn't it! :)
    Its surprising though, how best friends come last :) Is that understanding them or taking them for granted? :)

    @ Ankur again!
    You bet! a nice hot cup of tea would help!

    @ Komal-Nishka
    :) interesting!

  7. a bit late but had to give my opinion too!
    after all I follow ur blog religiously.

    Any stage of life - it has to be the wife!
    1) You live to attend any more such meetings i.e if you dont! :P
    2) Wives call only for something urgent or important, so it'll be a short call.
    3) Or they call just to hear your voice :) n u wont make her wait for that!

    then boss. after all he decides how luxuries your life would be.
    finally friends, they can always wait. for even they have their own priorities listed in same order!!

    and next time, do call her first! she would do the same and you know that. :D

  8. I say a bit emotional, but a good thought there from you!

    My concern lies with the fact, that most of us (including me) are calling the friends at the end of the list! WHY? our comfort level and our understanding with our closest friends throws them off these lists a lot of times, and we become limited to a once a couple of days to once a couple of weeks and then we wonder what really happened!

    why should best friends suffer? :)

  9. they dont suffer or we dont make them suffer.
    Its just that we understand each other the best and give space for other priorities in life too.

    my best friend n me sometimes are incommunicado for 6 months. but when we meet we catch up with each 24hour passed in between. are there for each other in most terrible n happiest times. are the first ones to call up n disclose such events.
    but then on daily basis dont become a question on our priority list.

    the comfort level we share with friends i.e. the best friends, doesnt make things formal!

  10. I am fortunate enough to have a few friends like that too.. not talking for months and then catching up from where we left ages ago!!!

    So the point is that I am not debating that part, however am not too glad that a friend comes the last in this list! And not just yours but a lot of us!

  11. ok so my order would be
    1. Boss
    2. Wife
    3. Friend- I choose friend last as I would like to talk him tension free.

  12. 1. Your Best Friend

    Definitely he will have some very good or worst thing to say..

    2. Your Wife
    She normally doesn't call unless something important during office hours..

    3. Your Boss
    I know, he will be asking about some pending task :)


  13. Waise i dont miss call of the wife or the boss..U can pick and listen, and incase it is something long, just say u r in a meeting and can call later. Boss also has a wife and understands that u gotta pick the fone when she calls :-)....If boss is calling, then all meeting can wait/bear the disturbance.....Dost i sometimes cut and probably coz i assume they r most understanding...And yes it sometimes borders on taking them for granted...!!!!

    Life is shades of grey...