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Important Announcements!!!

I am happy to launch two important websites today!!!!

1. www.sopaan.org : This is the website that is dedicated to my social responsibility initiative and is supported by a group of friends who are as serious about doing some for the society as I am... Initially this would be focussed at raising funds for grass-root level initiatives, and sharing information about various NGOs that are in existence and have a similar mindset. A lot on Sopaan is still under construction or review, and I would keep working on it while its open to everyone to view. Please do feel free to leave comments, share ideas and thoughts, or give me some feedback.

2. www.AndPictures.net :Photography for me has never been about a picture only, infact its the places, the people, and the moment which is of primary importance for me "and pictures" come later... This website would serve as my online portfolio and is a step towards professional photography.

I have been able to do this because of the amazing support that has been extended to me from everyone around. I do not dream to make it big, but I do dream to make an impact in whatever capacity I can with time!!!!

In addition to that, let me also invite you all to a group exhibition that I am a part of.. The exhibition opens on 4th of March in India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. Please do make it convenient to attend.


  1. congratulations, for the new direction..the new initiatives..

    am very sure with your dedication and drive you will make the difference you want to...and more...

    wish you the very best for all your ventures....and may you always have support where you need it..

  2. Proud of you :)

    All the best!

  3. Amazing initiative Prashant!!
    All the best for all ur new ventures!!

  4. happy happy :) a pat on your back.

  5. Best wishes with both websites Prashant! The photography website looks brilliant and I know I'll be visiting the gallery over tea often :)! Will look forward to activity updates on Sopaan, especially from haat-bazaar, love the way you have named the different sections with a little background about the terminology.

  6. all the best.. good that I am travelling to Delhi and will be there till 7th March.. will surely try making it there and meet you as well..

  7. Wish you the very best! Very-Very happy for you!

  8. good bhai..

    Great initiative..

    Website aur exhibition ke liye congrats..

  9. Way to go Prashant!

    Wish you the very best in all you do!

  10. U've make me proud once again in announcing ur friend...

    Keep the good work going...

    Others like me follow ;) ... Hats Off to u...

  11. :)
    Not sure what to say. Just want to wish you luck for both the sites, both the thoughts, and both the worlds!

    Will be around to see both the ventures go places!

  12. I love to visit chai ki dukaan every time i m on internet.A very excellent thinking in "Mothers to many !!".
    I liked your "andpictures.net" too. You seem to be noble person ...
    I would like you to visit my blog too

  13. loved andpictures site! your pictures are always good and have a reason for clicking the same.

    Expecting sopan will go many steps further!
    All the best!