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Earth Time!

There is something called an Earth Hour tonight!!! We all are supposed to switch off the lights between 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm!

I am wondering, with summers coming there would be a lot of unwanted earth hours and even earth days making summers the earth season in a lot of Indian homes, thanks to the electricity department!

Also this earth hour, I feel makes more sense where there is no switching off of the lights 24 hours a day! When I was in UK and US, most malls had all their lights on 24X7 irrespective of the day of the year! I think they should switch the lights off more often than just one hour an year anyway!

Do I still need to switch off my lights? I guess I will if there is no good movie on the TV!!!

From now on, I would call every power cut "Earth Time"


  1. I wish they have a like button like FB here too...agree with you

  2. Agree wid both of u now!!
    Like lIke!!

  3. Earth hour is a mockery.
    In lot of western mega cities,they waste energy as if its worthless.Office building keep burning millions of kilowatthour, day in day out.24*365..non stop...

    when it comes to real action the western hypocrite shy away from real action..but on tokenism they lead the world.

  4. Fighter jet is correct.. .
    a lot of global climate change issue will dissolve if all the power suppy in big malls, metro, and likewise options in the west and its follower in the east do not maintain a 24 x 7 running electricity. But the other problem with electricity is it cannot be stored for future use. Once it is produced it has to be used. So the catch is to figure out how much is just needed to get these things running during the need hrs. And that is hard when a system is up and running.. " chicken and egg " problem...

  5. Yes - 1 hour thing is ridiculous - and it's funny how the media and everyone takes it so seriously ...like, "oh wow - are you doing it? and hey you, are you doing it too?" As if it's some super huge sacrifice of monumental proportions.
    A full day or at least a few hours would be better I think. I guess the point is to get everyone thinking.