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Did you know?

That the railway tracks are checked by gangmen, every 2 kilometers about 10 minutes before a Rajdhani or a Shatabdi is to cross.

Watch out for more about Indian Railways on Chai ki Dukaan!!!!


  1. ya i knew it but thanks for reminding me....What happens in Bihar do you know? Rail engine runs in front of Rajdhani Express by the gap of 10 kms (approx. 10 mins ahead)

  2. @ Varun
    Thanks great! I did not have a clue about this, and was happy to know this information..

    @ Vaishali
    From how I see it, there could be a few reasons
    1. These are fast trains and the tracks needs to be in proper shape to let them through
    2. These trains carry a brand value with them in addition to the passengers, and safety is a concern which leads to this checking

    Having said that, these trains do not really have a dedicated track, so in a way, all the trains that use the same track get a benefit of a regular check!

    I would love to hear more questions so that I can get more information for you :) please feel free to write!

  3. indian railways mascot? :P

    nice to know someone takes care though..

  4. I am very passionate about Indian Rail.. I think its the best in the world, and is a world in itself! :)

    Will attempt to write more as and when I learn about it!

  5. Nice piece of trivia. I didn't know that.

  6. http://business.rediff.com/column/2010/mar/08/

  7. Also if you can tell me about the luxury trains in India like palace on wheels. I was going through one website and found out that there are currently 6 luxury trains in India but the cost of traveling is too high (starting from Rs. 150000 per person). Its bad to know that most of the people in India can't afford it.

  8. Yea..even Iam keen in knowing about luxury trains like Palace on wheels!!
    Tell us more about it!!