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A week that finished in just 5 days !!!!

Back from a quick trip from Bangalore... Did not even realize how quick the last week was !!!

Starting everyday at 0630 and finishing only around 0130 hrs was not really easy !!! but then I better get used to something like this for the times to come...

C'mon Give it to me :) lets see it !

I want to bring back the trees from Bangalore, Delhi is amazing in many many ways but the biggggggest minus is the amount of trees that I don't see and could have been there !!!

I hope someone is looking at that in addition to all the amazing work that is going on in and around Delhi !

The flight first got delayed at Bangalore... and then it was not allowed a landing in Delhi for about 45 minutes... Some navigation systems were being checked and caused that delay... and there was so much turbulence during these 45 minutes that it almost killed me !!! Had food sometime back, and then this turbulence... reached home with one of the worst acidity situations :( the entire food pipe and stomach was burning like hell :(

but never mind !!!

Lets look at the brighter side...

I am back home...
well.. umm... ok let me think of more...

I can click again :) I did not take my camera along...

I can attempt watching one of the IPL matches live... Not that I am cricket fan or something, but I have always wanted to see a match live... nothing better than watching something that finishes in about 4 hours and is in the evenings and is a game that you understand too..

rest later..

I need to figure out a way to take care of this ultra-burning inside me right now !


  1. ENO se zaada effective Digene hoti hai.

  2. Hmmm, is that's all you want from that city ?

  3. Drink lots of water...it should get better

  4. # Anony...
    I like Digene Pineapple.. par ghar par dono nahin thi..

    # ~S...
    there is more :) lots more !!!

    # Me...
    Doing that...

  5. u were in BLORE??????


    ab kaisa ha?

  6. hope u get better soon Om..please do...

  7. # Veens...
    yes, I was in bangalore...

    abhi better..

    # Elusive..
    yea... Nirulas ka fruit sundae khaunga aaj shaam ko pakka...

    # ThatWasIt...
    :) achcha... will do

  8. :-)))

    How could you forget ur camera??

    Watching live does no wonders...except the enthu the crowd has....its nt that fun :-)))

    but u shud experince it...as there is no harm in it:-))

  9. #Chakoli...
    Correction :) I did not forget my camera :) I did not take it along intentionally...

    with a 19 hour schedule, you don't have the time or energy to click !

    Live yes, for the enthu only !! only see.. have not been able to manage anything yet though.