Random images from my flickr stream...



A To Do and Done list...

Things to do when you are not too well :

1. Go out and spend time doing something that takes your mind away from the sickness !!! like I did... went out with the DFC gang ( about 20 of them is what I counted :), there could be more)

The Camera Party...

Mon and Sonu at the Fort...

I am not very comfortable being clicked... but your logic just does not work at times...

So the sunday morning well spent @ Tuglaqabad fort... followed by a session of Hindi Scrabble at the Saket Barista !!!
Nandita, Arun and Japs...

Monika and Sonu again...

The ladies in the DFC... Concept : Sonu; clicked by Me...

I am not too fond of Chocolate, but for some reason I don't mind having it these days...

Thoughts going into the game of Hindi Scrabble @ Barista Saket...

Absolute fun... its only when I was back that I realized how low on energy I was...

2. A couple of short and long naps during the day

3. Buy a Cycle ! Yes... I bought a cycle, A Hercules MTB; 6 gears, and drove it to home through the small streets enjoying the zip, while Aro, the actual owner of the new cycle followed me in a car :D

4. Be; Do what you like, what makes you feel better, and try and not feel too bad about things around !!!

5. Buy pearl necklaces for Mom...

6. Meet someone who without any selfish interest says something about you that makes a lot of sense... and then says it about Aro, and leaves us speechless !

7. Fight with one of your best friends over smallest of things like why is it that he cannot sit properly while eating, and why he has to laugh when you are feeling so low

8. Discuss Hitler, Jews, Kite Runner, Red Bands (Read Ray Bans), and lots more !!!

9. Hope for a great day the next day !!

and did I mention that I got clicked too :) here is a picture clicked by a dear friend... Though I am not very happy with my expressions here, but I love the presentation and the details !!!
You might want to check some more of her work HERE.


  1. very nice... cycle main bhi loonga aur Tughlaqabad fort whcih is at a distance of just 7 kms from my place... i would also like to see that

  2. # Aseem...

    Le Le Cycle... that way you would be join me and Aro in a roadtrip on cycles to somewhere...

    and before this year ENDs :)

    Go to that fort.. its ruins but a nice place !!!

  3. a very very very happy monday post :)

    and a great list indeed, really liked point # 4 and
    # 7 : such frnds r true blessings


  4. # Mayuri...

    such friends are a pain in the Butt !!!

    :D but i still am blessed :D

  5. wowwwwwwwww!

    shooo nice!

    Cycle!!!!!! mera bhi mann kar raha hai :)

    i loved all yur points re!! all of them!

  6. # Veens...

    If you are in bangalore, please do get a bike... I would have !

    and thanks !!!

  7. Ohk..lot of monz and sonu here with other gang members here....nice :)sonu

  8. Om - thanks for these pictures...I read an anony comment here - it indeed was lots of Sonu there...by everyone - pretty girl with a pretty figure! Had to be, right? Almost everyone clicked her. Thanks for going with me to that place - it was great funnnn...especially the scrabble and your engrossed self in going click-click. (Haath, paav, rocks, wagerah wagerah..lolz)

    If u are not flying soon - how about another such short trip? :D

  9. # Mon...
    anytime re... this was not really the kind of place that I can click at... went because I badly needed a break especially after the last week's schedule...

    Sonu, haan, :) I am sure she was captured by every one there :P I just happened to be luckier that I knew her a fraction more than the rest :P

    Scrabble was good.. thank God I gave the idea of hindi scrabble, otherwise I would have been sitting out only wondering what is everyone doing :P

    I have this feeling that I might be here next weekend too, and if that is the case I so so want to go rafting !!!

  10. photo acchi aayi hai re...itna bhi bura nahin laga raha (i hope this is (mis)treated as compliment :D) Only.

    Hey, I started my photo blog

    Nothing new for you as you hv seen moost of my work on flickr as well.

    Sadly, I hv never been to any meet so far in my last 3 months association, but good part is that I have improved as photographer.

  11. hmm.. thanks...

    Congratulations on the new blog !

    Joining a DFC meet is good fun... and I am sure you have improved... keep moving :)

  12. Hey dude, very impressive. I did not know you are still on blogging. I too started blging after a loooooooooooooong time. Visit me @ http://spirituallzone.blogspot.com/

    Keep in touch buddy. :o)

  13. did u loose weight.... or is that the new haircut......... your pic looks good... this is the nth time you are pretty photogenic... i think u shud subsitute this pic with your tikka pic... thats become slightly old now... hey btw wasnt it too hot to travel to the tughlak fort... though all the other pics are amazing too... hindi scrabble shud have been fun... the thot itself is pretty interesting....

  14. # Vimi...
    he good to see you here...


    # Aqui...
    nai re.. i think i have been gaining weight :(

    it was ok in the morning... got hotter by the afternoon, but we were already in the cool barista by then... so no worries...

    Hindi scrabble was good... total funn !!! go check flickr for the words we made :D it was pretty funny :D

  15. hey.. u were here for the tughlakabad trip... too bad i cdnt meet u.. I went to agra.. :D

  16. Arre Tughlaqabad to dilli mein hi hai.. its no trip :)

  17. hehe Skeets likey the camera party...and hindi scrabble to(read in hindi) too much ho gaya...first time I am seeing eet. mazedaar! bheel try!