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Meri Jaan Jeenat Amaan !!!!

Ab jaan le legi kaa chori !!!!

Arre hai re meri jhumri tallaiyaa !!!

When you are listening to some songs, the ones that I mentioned in one of my previous posts, in addition to the simplistic lyrics, the basic instruments like the dholak, harmonium etc, its the filler lines lines like the two above that give them the perfect mood !!!

Have been listening to Dekhta hai tu kya for a couple of days now, and I still love it... Super energy, and fun !!!

Pity that I am not with a group of friends dancing on this number ! soon... sometime soon...

Jai Chichorgardi on the dance floor !


  1. all this go a long way in the memory lane... :) u still remind me of so many things the way you used to dance and get drenched.. they way music wud intoxicate you... and especially your moves and the expression :)... never let this go..... cause its one of the many reasons why...

  2. It still does re...

    I wish I could go to a party or something... sirf hindi ka muzik...

    sigh !!!

  3. 'Chichorgardi' super apt word....nothing describes it in a better terms.

    But sometime we all like to be a 'Chichora'..at least on the dance floor!

  4. oye...dekhta kya hai tu'..kaun sa gana hai?
    and did u listen to Tashan...'dil haara' and 'nasila nasila tera naina, churaiyle humra chaina, ab humre dil mein rehna'...?

  5. # Reeta..

    # Mon...
    Krazy ka gaana hai... tere is a music piece that i perticularly love in it...

    Tashan sunta hoon soon...

  6. LOL...
    even I m njoying this.... actually rakhi sawant has performed just too good:-))))

  7. # Chakoli...
    :) i am not too keen on the video.. but the song is amazing.. though I guess will have to pick up a few steps for the floor from the video :P

  8. oye Chichore :D :P :))

  9. bhai mast geet hain... kya hilayi hain kamariya rakhi sawant ne,,, oye hoye.. mar jaawan gud kha ke... hila ke rakh diya

  10. # Veens...

    Shukriya... for the chichora at times..

    # Lalit...

  11. Even I havent seen it completely...but trailors..show that she dances too good:-))

    sure...wud be fun to watch u guys with rakhi sawant step;-))

  12. U can record one video...and post it here fr our comments:-))

  13. My entry to the Great Indian Laughter Challenge is what you should wait for then :)

  14. dekhta hai tu kya is good..

    i sumhow dont really find discs/pubs or for tat matter any place tat plays hindi music..it's so much more fun to dance on a kajra re anyday than some firang music ya.

  15. chichorgardi is it..nice nice :p

  16. # Elusive...

    i don't know of any discs myself...

    chichorgardi yes :)