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They used to travel in the same bus back from school... She usually was on the window seat on the second row from the back and he somehow or the other managed to either stand near the rear gate in the bus or take the last window seat in the bus...

Looking at her through the reflection of the windows, or through the queues in the morning assembly, or while just walking around in the corridor of the school, or in the lunch time... he spent a few months...

That afternoon he gathered enough courage to tell her about what he felt... he pulled out that greeting card without the envelope, that he had stolen from a shop a week back, wrote some sweet nothings on it and gave it to a friend to give it to her at her stop...

And all he could do when he got down of the bus was run... the fastest he could to his house... and just hope that she liked him as much has he did...

and she probably did not even know who had signed the card...


  1. U actually did all this.....??????

  2. People do strange things when they are young Aro !!!


  3. :) Imagine Pete in his shorts, running away from the bus!

    What do you mean people do strange things when they are young? They do stranger things when they grow up!

  4. so wat happened after that ?

    that wud be interesting to know :D

  5. # Subbu...
    yes yes imagine :D

    And ppl do strange things always !!! and stranger when they are like me !!!

    # deepu...
    zaroor.. wo bhi likhunga kabhi na kabhi..

    # kanu..