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BeSt TiMe !!!

275 Kms...

5 hours flat...

With a break of about 45 minutes...

The best I have done on NOIDA - Delhi - Chandigarh Route...

With a few better roads... I should be able to do better... bye bye the Indicas, the Zens, the Taveras, the Qualises, the Innovas, the Wagon Rs, the Indigos, a few Accents, and Ikons toooo :D

I know what being high is... thanks to my CAR !!!


  1. 'Consistency's is the word..... and that depends a lot on how good or bad the owner is in maintaining it....

  2. hmm... yes !!!

    very true.. It was a consistent 90+ speed that helped !!!

  3. agree with subbu sir radha rocks :)

  4. @ Deepu / Subbu...

    no doubt brothers !!!

  5. Om...cool feat boss...but i think you went at the peak hour, that reduced ur speed.

    mine is 3.5 hrs on Delhi-Chd around 5-9am in morning....and if you like driving like me, then try going to Gwalior...It is awesome quaility road after Agra with very little traffic....i completed 320km in 5.5 hrs....time 1:30pm to 7pm so the traffic was of moderate quality.

    ps:: not sure of ur radha make....my dhanno is santro for last 3 years.

  6. i have done that 2, early morning time helped me, very less traffic. I was delhi-Shimla in 7 hrs with 45 mins break at panchkula.. Probably once things are fine again will again burn rubber of both our fiats together...