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Class II

Not that it matters but he came first in class in Nursery, KG and First...

Today was the result day and he knew he was going to stand first again in his class... He had not yet been introduced to feelings like nervousness... so we can without a doubt say that it was just a usual day for him...

All he would have to do is go to the class teacher and ask for his medal and the certificate... He had still kept all the last medals and trophies he won in the class, in sports events etc.

So he went to the teacher in the morning... and asked her for the medal... instead of asking for the result... what confidance !!!

And the teacher told her that she could not give him the medal this time...

He did not understand why...

All he remembers today, is that he cried the entire day, not because he came second... but because his medal did not come to him...


  1. i think u have posted this before

  2. Dhyan nai bhai... ho sakta hai...

    Par I must have told you about this incident for sure...

  3. bridget jones diary :)

  4. It was there in a "tag" post of yours: http://rightmore.blogspot.com/2006/11/secretsmmmmmmmmmm.html

    Doesn't matter! Still makes an interesting read!

  5. @ Subbu...
    Researcher hai re tu to :D

  6. phir teri kahaani yaad aayii

  7. someone said,,heart is meant to be broken,,earlier the better.