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LaSt WeEkEnD !!!

My Last Weekend's Fotos are up on Flickr...

check them out by clicking HERE


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have fun enjoying my trip :) the way i did :)


  1. i m sure, u wud have saved the best for ur blog.......pics are nice....i mean composition, angle, backgrnd and all...but kafi pics over exposed hai....aisa kiu bhai ?

  2. % deeps...
    yaar i am not able to understand.. i have been facing this issue since the time i changed the lens... looks like the tamron lens i am using right now needs to run on higher shutter speed then the camera decides...

    but interestingly.. all these pics are correctable in any editing software.. even picasa for that matter.. excuse me for not editing before posting them on flickr.. however you will get to see some nice ( i think so) images on the blog soon....

  3. My completely non-techie response, not everyone can be photograph-gyani after all. :)

    1. What's with the obsession with sunglasses and the reflections they catch?
    2. The photograph of the feet in water is beautiful and fresh.
    3. I like all the pics which have those old lamps in them. May I use one of them for my desktop?
    4. I think some pictures you took from a great distance, it's difficult to make out what they wanted to capture.

  4. try ur lens on some other camera...maybe that will tell u wats the prob........

  5. as wood said feet in water was nice

  6. $ woodsmoke...
    1. just another kinda fotos that i like to take..
    2. thanks..
    3. old objects are good to take snaps of.. please go ahead and let me know which one you want on your desktop.. and i wil send it to you after editing it..
    4. you should see the actual size wali fotos..

    kuch to karunga.. lemme find out the issue... this is a friend's lens.. not mine..

    & burf..

  7. A friend of mine had the same problem. He had to buy a new lens. The deal with his camera was weird. It refused to work the same way. And he had to get a new lens. Funny na!!

    The pics, if I can say, aren't all that good. Except few here and there. Some angles are awesome. And at places, focus is excellent.

    Is baar mood mein click nahi kiya kya?

  8. 25440029 -- This one's fantastic. Don't forget to post it here on your blog as well. If by any chance someone has missed checking them all out on flickr!

  9. Sorry for posting again and again. 25420021, 25420011 and 25420024, too.

  10. $ rohit...
    ekdum mood mein click kiya thaa dost... the ones on flickr are all the fotos minus the ones that need special viewing ( well thats what i felt)... so do not me surprised when you a lot of not that useful stuff there...

    wait for a while.. and keep chking the fotolog... i hope not to dissapoint you there...

    abt the lens.. i guess i know the issue... will take care of it soon...

  11. i like that geele kapde resturent ..:P

    but seriously all the pics were grt ..sply that nite pcs ..i guess that cottage one ..amazing one

    i don know much abt camera,lense n agle so cant say much abt that ..

  12. # chitra...
    it was funny... it actually said.. geele kapde restaurant mein change karna mana hai.. but what could be displayed was what is there in the pic only


    wait for a few more good pics on the fotolog :D

  13. just chkd out ur pics.i hv been to mussorie so many times but i cud never even think of clicking such cool pics.....really nice. especially lykd the shots taken in the evening and nite.....tooo gud!!!

  14. & me...

    oye.. no problem at all.. now you know there was something that you missed out on when u were in mussoorie...

    next time see it from a different eye :)

  15. definately i'll try to click the kind of pics u hv clicked, i know its very very difficult with the kind of cam and photographic mind i hv....hehe, bt i can atleast try:)

  16. * you...
    do that.. taking fotos really is not a hard job.. just that you at times need to not miss the details and the smaller things...
    good luck with your shots... do share them :) i will be waiting...

  17. hey tilu!

    once again awessomee pics... but wot with the ADS :( ...

    wanna see more of YOUR pics on YOUR webspace ... :-P


  18. ya i m waiting for ur new pics ..:)


  19. @ sinny..
    hey agent...
    the ads... well i get so much from google and blogspot and all for free.. its just fine to have the ads running on my page...

    you will get more pics for sure...

    # chitra...
    good... i am waiting too :D