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Nissan Sunny missing from the official vehicle list

The internet world is abuzz with news of Nissan launching Sunny at an ex-showroom price of about 5.67 lakhs!

As an internet user, its normal for me to go to Nissan India's website and check out the details of the car.... and what do I see? Nothing! The car does not appear the list of vehicles showcased on the website yet!

I do not know what went wrong, however it feels that during the launch project planning, someone failed to mention website update and comprehensive testing as a critical checklist item! Even though there is a dedicated website built for the new car, and a link on the homepage, vehicle list and other related areas are not updated! A test plan failure maybe?

nissan-vehicle list

To make things worse, the contact page "OK" button does not work either, and obviously Sunny is not in the list of models on contact form either!!!



  1. As companies grow big they become more and more sarkaari, with each arm working independently from another, Experiencing it first hand :-)

  2. Its very strange actually! we tend to be experienced, however the organizations do not act like they are using all of that experience! what a phenomenon!

    Bridgestone website as well is such a pain to browse around, with broken links, no integration and so on, make it so hard to get details about the tyres I was researching!