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मुझ पर एक एहसान करना, bodyguard ज़रूर देखना|

Salman Khan does it again! No! no! let me correct myself right there!

His shirt does it again! The connection of his shirt with elements is the USP of Sallu Bhai's latest, Bodyguard!

In Dabangg, it was the element Air which connected well with his shirt and took it away!

This time around, it was water!

I am sure in the next one, its going to be Fire!

  • Bodyguard is a pain to watch! It was a sheer waste of time and money, and I am glad that I took with myself DIY cotton earplugs, or else I might have come out deaf thanks to the super surround sound at the Big Cinemas, GIP Noida
  • Bodyguard is senseless! it was beyond my level of understanding!
  • Bodyguard is slow! it made time stop!
  • Dobyguard, I mean Bodyguard is edited by idiots! Scene transition from one to the other does not make sense a lot of times!

However ignore all of that if you are not a big fan of cinema that is not just about passing time! Let's talk about why Bodyguard is a hit!

  • It lets you disconnect with the outside world for a while, while you are either enjoying the senselessness or trying to figure out how it took the heroine's father a few minutes to cover a distance worth about 9 hours! (not my mistake, 9 hours was quoted in one of the previous scenes)
  • It also lets you laugh, at yourself and people in the theatre who are wasting their money alongside you, and also eating the super expensive pop-corn and cold drink combos! Ok, there are times when you can laugh because of what happened in the movie
  • It makes you feel proud that Bollywood is going to have competition for Rajnikant! What Sallu bhai does in a few scenes is almost as comical and awe-inspiring as Rajni true-to-life work! e.g. how Sallu bhai, the bodyguard, jumps out of a Mumbai local, sways around on the ropes or wires or something, jumps to the train going in the opposite direction, and then defies gravity to get off the train to a bridge! WOW!
  • It also inspires you! Irrespective of how you look, and to be specific if you are fat without any comic timing, and have the right connections, and can speak hindi and broken Punjabi, you can be a side-kick to a hero! and I forgot to mention that you have to wear t-shirts with funny slogans! that is what would compensate for your horrible comic timing! If you are lucky, your writer would give you a name like Tsunami as well along with an opportunity to share what it means sometime in the movie!
  • It lets you oogle at Kareena! No! honest! She is looking nice in Manish Malhotra designs! and for Salman Khan fans, its a treat too! 
  • It makes you humm a few songs as well! Aaaya re aaya bodyguard is one of my favorites these days! and guess what! Its Himesss Bhai's music! :) It has that typical beat which you can observe in a lot of South Indian masala songs; something that caught my attention in Dhinka Chika Dhinka Chika (Ready)
  • It lets you enjoy the masala which has been well associated with Bollywood! Like they say, स्टोरी में ड्रामा है, एक्शन है, रोमांस है, म्यूजिक है, थ्रिल है! और क्या चाहिए!!! The story has drama, action, romance, music, thrill! what else do you need?
  • It also gives you a very interesting (and this is the first time this movie caught my attention) twist to the story
  • It will let you bond well with your friends, if you are going in  a large group! For some reason I also feel that such movies are great to enjoy with a group of friends!

However the fact of the matter is, that you should watch movies if you like to, and not because someone else like it or not! So my suggestion, go watch it!

And enjoy my favorite song from the movie :)

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