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What is! what would be?

I remember listening to this song, and songs like these on the radio when I was a kid! Felt good about the simplicity of messages being given via these!!!

Cut to today, when what I see all around is a strong negative vibe about almost everything which happens in one's life! Jobs/ Family/ Infrastructure/ Government/ Policies/ Taxes/Curruption and what not!

These songs had extreme positivity and commitment in them! And I think what we are today is not because of what we do today, but what people and leaders about 30 years ago did! We are only seeing the fruits of whatever effort in whatever direction they put in! and if someone starts a change today, its going to be visible in only about a decade or maybe more!

I feel extremely sad at the kind of country that we are going to pass on to the new generation! Am I talking like a concerned father? :) I think marriage does that to people! I am thinking of what can I do to give my kids a better world to live in!!!

Oh, and if it interests you, you can see the kid Aruna Irani @ 1.57 minutes into the first song and again at 2:49

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