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Movie Weekend!

You would know that you have just seen Golmal 3 if

1. You have experience an overdose of primary colors for about 140 minutes
2. You managed to keep your sanity through a similar duration of nonsensical slapstick (made to look like situational) comedy
3. You went inside the cinema hall expecting nothing but senseless comedy, but see a lot of senseless action and melodrama instead
4. You did not expect anything or get anything from the dialogues or the script anyway
5. You feel that Golmal 1 was a different league altogether
6. You feel that Tushar Kapoor spoke a little too much for being a dumb. (Can't forget how hilarious it was to see him do his act in Golmal 1, Rohit Shetty things that overdose of that would make for a funnier movie; He is just simple a simpleplain dumb or what???)
7. You have not managed to laugh for more than 30 minutes during the entire movie! Half of which could have been because you were laughing at yourself!

Anyway!!! I also managed to watch Twilight, sunday evening, and liked it! not amazing, but it got me thinking about how selfless people could get when it comes to love! or can they?


  1. You didnt like the cuss words look alike or the dialogues like 'daga seth jinke ghar sheeshe ke hote hain woh basement mein kapde badalte hain'....:)
    Anyway i know what you mean, its been ages since i saw a movie on theatre and i dont miss it... barring movies like raajneeti... i'd much prefer comedies like 'pyaar ke side effect'... but i guess each to his own...

  2. I thought you would atleast like the senti waala scene performed by tusshar, near the end of movie ..com'on yaar that was the only worthy scene of the entire messed up 3 hours

  3. @ Raina...
    I always think that I would not watch such movies on the big screen... but end up with doing that at times! this was not a good use of the time or money!

    @ Yogi
    I think I should give him credit for that scene! But when I was writing the post, I was thinking happy scenes and comedy.. that scene did not register in the mind at all... Thanks for reminding me :)