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So YOU are God? Eh !!!

Do you ever challenge God?

do that... and then raise your own bar !!!


  1. Good capture. I don't believe in god, so there is no question of challenging him / her. But yes, raising the bar by challenging your belief is a good concept.

  2. Very interesting.

  3. # subbu...
    take your pic.. and be better... chalega :)

    # Anony.. thanks...

  4. Om~ i say again....u r the best ..:)Fida tumpar :D

  5. I saw this on flickr and I loved it - the woman's stance - hands on hips - am sure the exact question was on her lips too :) - superb shot, P!

  6. i noticed a contrast in god element in last two posts...
    from making god uncle hear to you in the previous post...to posing a challenge to him...
    was this attitudinal change a mere coincidence? :)

    lekin hai too-good... pic bhi aur theme bhi...

  7. its actually nothing of the two...

    just a few thought processes going on together...

  8. FANTASTIC - i LOVE this capture!

    reflected too upon wat u'd written!I perceive God as my "belief" - somthng which is innate in me and prob in everyother being [those who belive in this i.e]

    so by posing a challenge to God - i challenge myself 'n my belief/s..and yes i do that ever so often.

    But not always does this raises d bar..somtimes challengin our believes can be rather unsettlin', chaotic too.... and thats when u wish it was all put at rest.


  9. # Bindiya...

    thanks baandri... you are right... not always does that bring peace to you...

    but then its a part of our lives... we live it.. we improve it... we learn things... we grow...

    god bless...

    # Burf..

  10. yeah - we live it...we improve it......But do we ever outgrow the chaos within??

    i dont thnk so - the chaos remains - innate and around - just tht somtimes we tend to notice it and then get unsettled by it, while at othr times its just part of the larger being...there, looming, but i-dnt-care!

    God bless - for watever s/he's has/hasnot to offer


  11. Brilliant. The picture is lovely as it is, the caption complements it beautifully. Perspective - that's wht all art is about nd you seem to have a natural knack for it Prashant.

  12. # Bindiya....
    hmm... you can never outgrow that chaos... there would always be something or the other going... and i will not even attempt to tell how to reduce the effect...

    God bless... yes...

    # Browngirl(s)...
    thanks... thanks :)

    # Reeta..
    thanks :)

  13. Nice pic....and great title :)

  14. Awesome..Simply Awesome..I wish Oxford people have made better word than that..

    We can only raise the bar by challenging ourselves..

    If you wanna buy this world ..trick is simple Win over Yourself.

  15. # B...
    thanks bro..

    # Vinay...
    thanks :)

    you are right...

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  17. Brilliant picture!
    Wish I had taken this picture :)

  18. Thanks Swati...

    try this... go to Pondicherry on Ganesh Chaturthi or somewhere around that time, and try spending an evening in one of the many pandals around.. you are sure to get someone stand like this :)