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Do "YoU" ReALiZe?

You know its too difficult to talk to you !!!

But I am just sharing my opinion...

Have you ever heard how you share "opinions"? Its like forcing me to believe and do what you are saying !!!

I did not realize that...

Well i guess now you should... Listening is different and fine... but talking is really something else... you do not know if I am going to accept or even realize the intention of your words when you say them like this... for me to understand and appreciate what you are saying and what you mean... you have to be sensitive to the other person as well while you are speaking you heart out...


  1. True.....

    No wonder I keep opinions to mahself u never know

  2. yeah, guees so.
    'talking' is so much different from the acts of merely 'speaking' or 'listening'

  3. dont get so upset...women are like this only...rem the song no woman no cry :D

  4. # mayuri...
    yes its different...

    # soo...
    which one of the two you think is the woman? :)

  5. hmm

    well said :D
    i agree abt the choice of song, No woman No Cry :D

  6. soo - tell tell, who should be the female? if u say otherwise than do u mean that the male is femalish? ;)

  7. # deepak...

    you had just a "hmm" to say :)

    # burf...
    soo ke saath soo ke blog par bhi baat kar liya kar.... yahan par is par comment karna zaroori hai :D in addition to your question to her.. .

    # soon..
    looks like a lot of us are waiting for an answer from you :)

    can this conversation be between two males? what do you think?

  8. ok so since soo is hibernating let me answer yer question...
    the convo's gotta be between two fmales or a man n a female...the one endin the convo is definately a female cuz a man ideally wudn bothher with the last statement or an explanation also a man wudn understand also becuz men don't ususally realise that they're bein forced to beleive somrthin,they just buy it or they dont,they do not linger on with it or take it further,its done once its done,women however make memories n carry baggages so they realise whenever they're bein forced to beleive somethin..
    @deeps....shit man,i cant leave the sms lingo,altho still kind of tryin..hehe

  9. just realised my comment is kinda absurd in the middle.......was typi in a wiered way cuz had wet nailpolish on..hope you understan,the situation and the previous comment..

  10. # pue...
    hmm.... well written, however I feel that you are being a li'il prejudiced while writing this comment...

    in any case, i feel that this is how most of the times it is...

    well written :)

    oh... yes... i understand... both the situation and comment :)