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Is knowing a person really a function of how much we know about his/her history?

or starting from zero when we start talking to the person is equally good?


  1. That'll depend on what and how much you want to know about that person.

    The background information about a person can be trivia or sometimes it might give you insights to why that person is the way he/she is.

  2. correct priyanka...

    however we are talking about a catch 22 sit here....

    how much we want to know might depend on how much we already know... and how much we know is then dependent on how much we want to know...

    golmal hai bhai sab golmal hai..

    par i think its more of a situation to situation decision...not generalizable...

  3. hmmm... i start from point zero with a person.

    and i eventually get to know about his/ her history. after all, people talk about things, share their past and all. it helps me in understanding a person ; his/her social image and position and such other impersonal things.

    but, in order to 'know' someone, i'd rely more on my personal experience with him/her , i.e., how well i could relate to him/her.

    it works... for me :)