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Motivation... different times.. different sources... this one came from one of my dear friends Aseem... in an email.. made a lot of sense so thought of pasting it here.. instead of emailing it to everyone in the address book...

Five steps to staying positive in a negative world:
1. Understand that failure is an event, it is not a person. Yesterday ended last night; today is a brand new day, and it's yours. You were born to win, but to be a winner you must plan to win,prepare to win, and then you can expect to win.

2. Become a lifetime student. Learn just one new word everyday and in five years you will be able to talk with just about anybody about anything. When your vocabulary improves, your I.Q. goes up 100% of the time, according to Georgetown Medical School.

3. Read something informational or inspirational every day. Reading for 20 minutes at just 240 words per minute will enable you to read 20, 200-page books each year. That's 18 more than the average person reads! What an enormous competitive advantage . . . if you'll just read for 20 minutes a day.

4. The University of Southern California reveals that you can acquire the equivalent of two years of a college education in three years just by listening to motivational and educational cassettes on the way to your job and again on the way home. What could be easier?

5. Start the day and end the day with positive input into your mind. Inspirational messages cause the brain to flood with feel-good-about-yourself neurotransmitter. Begin and end the day by reading or doing something positive!

Dunno if this brings a change in the life of people who read this.. but its making sense to me.. how well i put this into practise is something that time will tell.. coz i have that real bad laid back attitude.. andi have to do something to fix that.. any suggestions on how i improve this about myself..

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  1. my suggestion....just try to b the wonderful person u can b and want to b.u r ur motivation ..no one else..someone can push u but u need to know that u urself will have to make the initial thrust and let the momentum set by me or anyone else not die.....