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GoT a caLL !!!

Today a very good friend of mine gave me a call... Though we do not get the opportunity to talk a lot these days.. but she always makes it a point to read this blog and keep herself updated with what is happening in my life ( how sweet of her ) so what was i saying.. she today found out that i was down with chicken pox and first thing that she did was call me to find out how was i....

though i am fine... back in office.. but this concern was very touching.. and i was really happy to get this call... good friends are so rare to find these days... i really cherish the ones that i have.. God bless them all...


  1. woi toh...good friends are so rare to find..

  2. chicken pox...naam se hi darr lagta hai...hope u r fine now..zilch

  3. @ Anony: U are right... good friends are really rare to find.. and ppl who have them.. should consider themselves really lucky.. they must have really done some good to have genuine friends..

    @ Zilch: Tell me about it... Chicken Pox...some of the worst days of my life... there were two days when i could not sleep, could not speak, was not able to sit or eat... i could never imagine myself in that kinda situation.. but am better now.. back to office.. and not getting any rest.. too hectic !!!

  4. is it possible that you are best friends with someone for 3 months and then u fell apart and u kinda become strangers all over again?

  5. @ Tushar: I think this is possible... the good question here is who we start calling a friend.. lemme list a few things about my relationshio with ppl I call friends:
    1) Comfort level in communication.
    2) Emotional Bonding, not dependent on the time spent together.
    3) Display of concern about things which we share.
    4) and a few more... am finding it diffucult to get words to write them all....

    Now, lets say I meet someone and get along well... i start talking to him/her regularly and the process of knowing him/her takes the shape of an exponential graph. All the 4 things I mentioned above are possible during this time.. but lets see after 3 months (using this term as Forni mentioned it) he/she moves to a different place, where talking on a regular basis is not possible.. i cannot find out about what is happening in her/his life as regularly as I was doing it before... or a very popular situation... i started liking the person ( talking about the friendship with opposite sex here) and i do not get a response.. which leads to me being a li'il aloof or not really taking that extra effort i was making so far in being nice to that person... i guess things can change... the way this graph was moving exponentially upwards might be just a line parallel to the X-Axis or start moving downwards...
    anything can happen....

    On a lighter note.. someone has said : "A FRIEND NEVER IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED."


  6. friends huh!

    u know i have always liked da way u have defined things. and relationships.. and objects .. these little things which make u happy and which upset u, are the ones all of us have. they are so me at least. ! ur blogs a pleasure to read. its like a mirror to my heart. keep on writin. and i shall keep mirroring.. reflecting:)

  7. @ TUSHAR

    umm quite possible. depends. there are some relationships which take off very well.. like a FAD and then go down the drain . but then as i said somewhere.. i try to make the best of my relationships with strangers turn friends.. friends turn strangers .. i am myself a relationship. 4Ever increasin its horizons :)

    PAwz {tigeross}

  8. oops me philo me ! maaf karna bhai. me 120% emotional. but thats the way it is . for me .

  9. Being friends is a two way thingie.. i alone really cannot define how good or bad my relationships are... it is the relationship in question... and has to be defined by both the ppl...
    i might say that i am a good friend of some person... but you might ask the same question to him about it.. and he might or might not have the same opinion...
    its always good to get attention, respect, care, emotions.. from someone.. and at the same point of time.. makes you feel more responsible towards the other person and yourself.. so that you do not let anyone of the two down... i mean.. i feel that way with my friends...
    God bless them all..