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I'm Free - Picture it!

Freedom I believe is perception,
Freedom I believe is understanding of rights, and acceptance of responsibilities
Freedom I believe is to express
Freedom I believe is to grow independently
Freedom I believe is to know, and share!!!

The Global Times, a biweekly newspaper of the Amity Group of Institutions, gave Amity students an opportunity to express what freedom means to them through one of my favorite mediums! Photography!

This competition saw some real good moments through the camera of students of all ages, and what you see below are winners of this competition!

Freedom to smile, freedom to be with someone who makes you laugh, freedom of expression, and freedom to be is what I see in this delightful photograph by Harshit Walia...
Harshit Walia ASCO

Freedom of space, the freedom to enjoy, freedom to do without controls! That is what gully cricket has been for me always! Shashank, who is in Xth standard has been able to capture the mood just right in this photograph!
The secret of happiness is freedom Shashank Aggarwal X AIS Gur 43

Dance like no one is watching! Bhuvan Ravindran, in his photograph, has been able to capture this expression of freedom so well!
Bhuvan Ravindran XI B  AIS Noida

Birds and Free are two words that go together! While it always hurts to see birds in a cage, I can spend hours watching birds enjoying their grains in many corners of the city, and flying around! Manas, in his photograph, has captured this free flight of birds!

Freedom Manas Aggarwal

These were the winners of this competition! and trust me there was no dearth of absolutely amazing photography in this edition of The Global Times! Do enjoy some more photographs on their website : www.theglobaltimes.in


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