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Long break!

This has been the longest that I have stayed away from Chai ki Dukaan... Unbelievable actually... there is so much that I want to get out of my system, but am not really finding the time or energy to do it that it has started killing me inside!

But that would continue happening, there would be something or the other that is going to be an issue, something that would be a challenge, something that would not go the way I want, or something that I would not be able to resolve or even think of a resolution! that happens! will happen!

What is important, and extremely, is that I continue to remind myself that are better days ahead! There is something nicer about everything that is happening! there is!

I need to repeat this to myself a number of times these days!

On a brighter note...

Saw a few good movies in the last few weeks!

Delhi Belly! How come I did not know that it was partly an english movie dubbed in Hindi? I ended up being confused for the first few 10 minutes of Delhi Belly trying to understand why the lips were not in sync with what was being said!

Also there is a certain music and flow in in how Delhi junta swears, and it was totally lacking in this movies irrespective this movie being capable of killing someone with an OD of onscreen swearing! Vijay Raaz is the only guy who is delivering the hindi Pencho Maacho words the way they sound like more often than not! Infact he did that brilliantly in "Pran Jaye per Shaan na Jaye". If you have not seen that one yet, you should!

Delhi Belly made everyone laugh! and hard! Mostly the situational comedy part, and at times the swearing part! but it did make everyone laugh! It was a through and through fun movie to watch, almost at the same pace right from start to finish! and post this movie, we were wondering as to where did the time go!

A plot that has been repeated a number of times in one way or the other, and still was as entertaining as it could be!

I also saw X-men First class! For people who have not seen the first 4, this might not make a lot of sense, however it was a movie which is full of action, and is not loud at all either! Very fine crafted action is what I like about all the X-men series and this one was no different! Needless to say, a must watch if you are following the series so far!

Also saw a total waste of time, Double Dhamaal, and its not really worth talking about here!

More later....


  1. Your blog is a delight. It is always refreshing to read and see something out of the ordinary.

  2. Welcome back P! ..dunno about X Men, but Delhi Belly is sooo on the list! Am back to blogging too after a break.. only difference is your break was a monthlong, and mine lasted one whole year!!! but getting back is important :).. Enjoy!

  3. @ Shweta... thank you :) i am happy!

    @ Chandan.. thanks Di! You should watch Delhi Belly... do not take the kids along though :) and yes! getting back is important! I heard something similar in a movie yesterday :)