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Enough is enough or maybe not :)

There will never be enough of

1. Good music
2. Good headphones/earphones to hear all this good music
3. Places to visit
4. Moments when you did not talk but communicate
5. Good movies
6. Early morning I-am-sleepy-but-walking-with-you walks
7. I-wish-I-was-out-on-the-mountain moments
8. Gulab Jamun after dinner evenings
9. Discounts and deals available all around
10. Picture memories

11. Tea on a trip to anywhere, somewhere and everywhere!


What you see in the photograph above are some of the thousands of written applications to God in a temple dedicated to Golu Devta, in Chetai near Almora (Uttarakhand, India) Its a custom to write/type applications/requests on paper even stamp papers and put them in this temple.


  1. wow lovely, so have u written the application? really want to read some of them...

  2. WoW!
    bhagwan ke ghar bhi arji deni parti hai :)