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Can the Left Be Right?

I try not to walk with the traffic on the left side of the road... I am afraid someone would hit me from the back without me getting any second to even save myself...

So I want on the right side... but they say the right side is the wrong side... however, I say that the right side is the RIGHT side to walk... atleast you see the traffic coming your way and can make some space to save yourself before you get hit because of someone else..

How can the left be the right side? especially when you have to move a li'il towards the road if there is a vehicle parked there... and then you have to look back and wait to see that the road is safe... too much trouble...

I say folks... Left side is not the right side... The right is the RIGHT side...


  1. *SHOUTS*- " YESSSS!! EXACTLYY!its fascinating how convention must be twisted n reformed to wriggle some sense into it :)

  2. Left side is not the right side because the traffic doesnt move the right way ...

  3. i'm a little lost. also, i don't exactly put so much thought into walking. :-p

  4. Oh...

    in that case... remember the left is not right... and the right is right :)

  5. hope you dont start driving on the right side for the same reasons ;)

  6. # burf...

    is thought ke liye tereko jitta bada inaam doon kam hai :D

  7. here is another perspective, u c a car coming towards u while walking, and u both make corrections, and therefore collide..