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OrKuT MeEtS AgAiN - ChApTeR IV

for me the day started kinda early.. had to finish some important work before i could rush to meet up with Jassi and Deepak for a pre-ODM do @ the Gali Paranthe Wali !!!

and i was late... reached around 1120 hrs... and then found out where they were.. and then met Richa... and then met Jassi and Deepak... and then Sayantani called... or i guess Deepak called her to find out where she was... and we were to wait for another 10 minutes so that she could join us for the bruch in the walled city !!!

there she was... as expected in front of a book stall.... a small hellos with everyone.. and then we moved to the State of the Art... Rajiv Chawk Metro Station... three levels... two lines... Dwarka/BaraKhamba and CS-DU line... we had two smart people with smart cards... Jassi Praji... and Richa ji... so we bought three tokens.. and reached Chandni Chowk pretty quick... enjoying the feel of the metro !!!

This is where i was thinking about the Kolkata Metro and the Mumbai Locals... phew... look at this and then think about them.. there is a difference.. as of now.. this is way way ahead of both of them !!!

out of the metro station.. and to the Chandni Chowk Market... bought a few rollls for myself.. and then a sun cap for the lens... and two Batteries for the camera !!!

a walk towards the Gali Paranthe wali, asking Richa to buy those dresses with the mirros in them.. and she agreeing to buy them and wearing them on her Farewell... a small visit to the Gurudwara ( my first in all the visits so far.. thanks Jassi)... a small talk about how in some places the shoes are kept in bags and not touched... a quick decision to decide where to eat out of the three places left.... followed !!!

and here is a list of what all we ate...

  • Aalu Parantha
  • Matar Parantha
  • Paneer Parantha
  • Khurchan Parantha
  • Kela Parantha, and
  • Lassi yummmm ( though i feel it could have been much thicker... it was the last time)

Richa was not too keen to eat there and wanted to share my paranthas with me.. but the brave gurl took a brave step and ate two paranthas on her own... after some loud suggestions by the person taking care of the famous five there !!! he also gave us all a few names... well.. not all actually...

Richa was the Choti Maidam.. and he pulled her leg ekdum maje mein...
Sayantani was the Badi Maidam...
Jassi Praji was the Babe Babu... and
Deepak bhai was the Chota Babu... and for me he could not think of anything... though he mentioned that i was just like him... well i take it as a compliment !!! he was a total entertainment... and i would love to make people smile the way he did...

i was wondering.. what if the fake smiles from the people across the counter from the new age cafe's and the McDonalds and the Pizza huts are removed.. and such smiles and conversation added to the modern day food joints would make life so much better to live !!!

well to start with my coffeee shop is going to have people who enjoy being there.. and not work work there only only !!!

what next... Aseem was there... and we were late... and not worried...
Aseem has always been on time.. and has been a part of all the ODMs so far.. like me and Bhaskar... Jassi as well gave a guest Appearance in the Chapter - III before he had to rush !!!

so we reach CCD CP... and Aseem and Akash were there already... oh i forgot.. Arup... also met us outside the CCD.. he is on orkut too.. but not very active... and knew Sayantani... so we 6 entered the CCD together !!! and two already there.. makes it 8 !!! nice gang !!!
in not much time... Gaurav and Gaurav and Harpreet joined us.... and then Bhaskar... good he did not miss the ODM... he's been doing a lot of hard work and money generation lately.. and it was good to see him take out sometime and come for the meet !!!

a round of introductions followed... Jassi was as usual a li'il quite... and i am sure the rest were kinda surprised to see him silent after the kinda work he does on Orkut !!! hehehe.. we were shocked too.. when we met in the ODM Chapter I !!!

food.. drinks.. cookies... more drinks... and people backing out of the Golgappe Eating competition... and we playing dumb sharads followed.. before i had to leave for a function in FICCI !!! and i was on stage after a gap of 4 years... what fun !!! ( will write about that later)

this was a nice day... fourth Chapter written in the History of ODMs.... a book that started on April 1 2004... the April Fools day and has come a long way from there.... wonderful... from 6 people to 12 this time...

ODM Chapter - I

ODM Chapter - IV
Gaurav Goyal

Feels good...

hope to be a part of another ODM pretty soon... and looking forward to more people joining in !!!


  1. Good writeup Sir. You've managed to cover everything. Wah wah! Badi Madame approves! :)

  2. @ woodsmoke...
    hehehe... thank you thank you :)

  3. As usual a short and sweet post. Kewl. stage pey dhung sey paish aaye naa ?

    Mujhey school mein nautanki sey bhi expel kar diya gaya. Was this play about unity in diversity and merey mooh sey 'sh**' nikal gaya when I forgot my dialogue so that was the day when I had to bid the stage a good-bye. :(

  4. nice post... Golgappa competition ke liye na sahi lekin gol gappe khane ke liye hum dubara zaroor milenge aur jaldi hi...

    vaise vo coffee cum book shop wala idea mera bhi hai... Coffe ke sath sath Sai??

  5. @ jassi....

    main apni agli picture mein aapko hero bana dunga !!! banane ka to kaam hai hamara !!!
    ishtage was great.. will write about it soon...

    @ aseem...
    golgappe.. noida mein milte hain kisi din...
    oh idea tera bhi hai... very good...

    kofee ke saath sai is a good idea... :D

  6. oh, do u rembr FICCI of '98?

    it was big-time fun :D:D:D


    arre vaishno devi ka program banao, time mile to call kar jara

  7. @ burf...
    mughle' aazam 98... wo kaun bhool sakta hai yaar !!!!

    tum kaneez bane the dost.. aur hum ek neeli shirt aur dheela paijama pehen kar.. 4 inch ki talwaar haath mein liye stage par dahade the !!!

    what fun !!!!

    vaishno devi... chalo bulawa aaya hai wala gaana sapne mein aaya tumhaare kya?

  8. is saal 5 trips lagani hai:-

    1. vaishno devi
    2. golden temple
    3. usual rafting :D
    4. valley o flowers
    5. thailand


  9. @ burf...

    i am not really keen for the trip number 1 and the trip number 5

    replace 1 with Kausani
    replace 5 with South Africa


    2, 3 and 4 !!! game for it...

    2 chalenge.. April mein
    3 chalenge March end mein
    4 chalenge.. September mein..

  10. let us do the original number 1 and modified number 2 - dono ke man ki ho jayegi

    bol kya kehta hai?

  11. @ burf...

    tu bahut keen hai kya jammu ke liye... dekh idea to bura nai hai.. par i feel ke wahan par religious value lekar jaana mere liye thoda mushkil hai..

    i do not personally like the kinda commercialisation that has happened there on the way !!! but i will still give you company if you are that keen...

    2 change nai karenge !!! Amritsar is a 24 hour gag and is very very much doable whenever you have a total of 24 hours starting from 0500 hrs one day to 0500 hrs the next day !!!

  12. yea i m keen yaar, it is like i havent been to that place ever

    baki all other places u take the call - however u like

  13. gud writeup as always.....
    waiting for the Ficci one....that wud be intresting.....

  14. so u had fun....gud gud.aur haan itne prakaar ke paranthe khaaye ab sab ne n woh bhi ek din mein sahi hai:)

  15. aapne chhoti madam ka chhota sa secret reveal kar diya!! my sharing with u was supposed to be something between u and me. :) but now that u've also accepted and declared that i'm a brave girl...maaf kiya!!

    but the food was good. guess what, i came back and asked ma to make a kela ka parantha!!!

    aur farewell dress to pakka decided hai. good,i won't have to go thru any hassles of choosing a dress when i actually have my farewell. :)

    i'd like to visit a coffee shop where i can see ppl with genuine smiles. it'll be nice. i agree that most of the ppl today are there only to work and the smiles are not the same as the one we got to see on that guy's face.

    i missed the dumb charades!! :( maybe next time.

    i had a great time too. it was good to see u again.

    God Bless!!

  16. You realize Mumbai local train is running for who knows how many years now and Calcutta Metro is running for the last 21/22 years now! Unfair comparison between Delhi Metro and them!

    BTW, the coaches of Calcutta Metro were made in India (Coimbatore, I think) 22 years back. The Delhi Metro coaches were built in Korea. In 22 years, I thought we have advanced a lot in most fields... so why this step backwards?

  17. @ burf....
    theek hai... baat karte hain...

    @ deeps...

    @ you...
    hehehe... sab ne mil kar sab kuch khaya !!!

    @ choti maidam...
    hehehe... koi nai.. you are a brave gurl.. and thank you for maff karofying me :)
    lets see if things change for good.. and it was nice meeting you too...

    @ shubhu

    shubhu re... senti mat ho... it was not a step backwards.. just that if you have read my previous posts about the Kol Metro, you will see that i have written that i saw the Delhi Metro's future there.... i am not rating this higher then the othe two or them any lower then DMRC... i loved the Mumbai Locals.. and i loved the Kol Metro too !!!

  18. seems like u had lots of fun! gd hai
    who all can join this gang?

  19. @ ankur...
    you just need to be a part of Orkut... and a member of the Delhi Community !!!

    and yes.. it was loads of funn

  20. hey.. post about the FICCI dance session..!

  21. nice to know abt odm activity ..:)
    well i guess next time i wil be thr to share the real fun instead of reading n smiling ..:)