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GhOr KaLyUg !!!


This is how the time is divided.. why am i talking about this.. well because shilpa and me were talking about a line which is used a lot these days...

"Kya Jamana Aa Gaya Hai... Ghor Kalyug..."

and i was talking about what all is captured in MMS these days... Shilpa incidently is working on some MIS for MMS in bharti.. and this is how the conversation started...

MeE !!! - how is work these days..
ma friend - gud and challenging ..
ma friend - :)
MeE !!! - what is it that you are doing now?
ma friend - MIS for MMS
MeE !!! - MMS
MeE !!! - hmm..
MeE !!! - MIS
MeE !!! - hmm...
MeE !!! - hmm..
ma friend - yup :)
MeE !!! - interesting..
MeE !!! - do you get to see all the MMS as well
MeE !!! - ;)
ma friend - lol@the series of hmmm..s
MeE !!! - :D
ma friend - lol@see all mms
ma friend - nopes
MeE !!! - :(
MeE !!! - ye to nainsaafi hai
ma friend - gud one doesnt get to see all dat..
MeE !!! - if you do not see the mms how can you have the mis taken care of..
ma friend - ;-)
MeE !!! - ;)
ma friend - oh mahn!!
ma friend - aap to kaafi khatarnaak baatein karte hain..
ma friend - ;-)
MeE !!! - main to sirf baatein hi karta hoon..
MeE !!! - log to pata nai kya kya karte hain..
MeE !!! - :P
ma friend - lol
ma friend - ghor kalyug aa gaya hai
MeE !!! - haan..
ma friend - ram ram

And my response was this...

MeE !!! (2:45 PM) - pata nai meri kismat satyug mein kya kar rahi hai abhi tak lekin
MeE !!! (2:45 PM) - :'(

so my dears.. ladis.. and gentel mans...this is abouts my kismats in this kalyugs.... the times has changeds... buts my times stills remains withs the olds yugs... aarghs...

p.s. the above conversation obviously has been edited... to keep a few things secret ;)


  1. oye prashy
    good that ur kismat is still in satyug we dont want a noida kaand after jallandhar kaand , appejay kaand, laxmi nagar kaand mayur vijar kaand and what not...

    Stay the way u r !!

  2. @ lalit..
    abe.. who wants to create a mms... who would have the time to make an mms.. when you are making something else ;)

    you got the entire point wrong ;)

  3. @ priyangini...

    Sowwieee??? bole to? koi gaali hai kya? :(